JM Chiropractic offers  Yoga classes designed to help correct poor postural habits, maintain spinal health, and relieve stress. Stop in, call, or check us out on Facebook to learn about Yoga classes at JM Chiropractic today!

Class Schedule:

We offer a Yoga Class at our Bemidji Location on Wednesdays at 10:00am!


$5 for patients of JM Chiropractic

$7 for non-patients

Class Description:

Our Yoga classes provide a great opportunity for practitioners to become more in tune with their own bodies.  We focus on poses and exercises that help restore posture and improve spinal strength/stability. Through a flowing series of physical postures you will find a better awareness of your breath, improve flexibility, increase core strength, center the mind, relieve stress, and tone the body.  Poses will be demonstrated and the instructor will lead the class at a deliberate pace with an emphasis on alignment and technique. Beginners are welcome!



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