FREE Yoga!

We will be offering a  FREE yoga class tonight (Thurs. May 10) at JM Chiropractic!  This class will be a “Learn the Poses” class held at 6:00pm. This would be a great option for beginners or those who haven’t practiced in a while and need a refresher. We will learn some basic breathing techniques and beginner poses.  You may find this helpful in the future should you decide to attend one of our “Yoga Flow” style classes which will consist of a series of poses linked together.

So here is what you need to know for the class:

What to bring?  Yoga mat — Bring your own if you have one, as we will only have a handful available first come first serve.

What to wear?  Clothing that allows you to move and stretch comfortably.  A tighter fitting shirt or one you can tuck in would be best, as it will keep from riding up.

When to get here?  The class starts at 6:00pm.  It would be great if you’d get here 5-10 minutes early.  We will have you fill out a membership form and pick a spot in the classroom.  We have room for 16 mats, so getting here a bit early will help you ensure a place.

Where to go?  JM Chiropractic is located at 118 Paul Bunyan Dr. S., Bemidji, MN.  We are co-located with Lakeview Health and Wellness next to Subway by the lake. Look for the Lakeview sign.

Hope to see you here.  I look forward to practicing with you!

–Dr. Jenna


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