No Fear…

ImageIn the spirit of being present in the moment, our yoga class theme this week will be letting go of the fears and worries that occupy our thoughts.  Too often are our minds running with worries, fears, insecurities, self-doubt, and uncertainty.  We carry these things around with us on a daily basis and this only adds to the tension and stress we experience both physically and emotionally.  A healthy amount of fear is probably a good thing.  It keeps us in check; keeps us from being reckless.  It might keep us on the straight and narrow, but when do these thoughts go from being a guiding light to a cage? When do they start holding us back? When do they start impacting our lives and our health negatively?

For this week, whether you practice at home, here at the studio with me, or elsewhere, try focusing your practice on letting go of the negative thoughts and worries.  Allow your time on the mat to be filled with feelings of confidence, self-assurance, and strength.  As you hold postures that make you feel shaky or uncertain, just breathe. With every inhale acknowledge the worries and fears that may be creeping in and with every exhale let them go.  Let go of your reservations about what lies ahead.  Let go of your insecurities about what happened earlier.  Let go of your feelings of self doubt. Let go of your hesitation.  Let go of your fear.

Throughout the week practice your Warrior II pose.  Click Here for information on this pose.  As you stand in Warrior II allow yourself to feel strong and confident. As you bring up and hold your strong warrior arms feel the energy all the way from fingertips to fingertips.  Set your gaze like you’re a warrior looking down the blade of your sword. Imagine you are staring all of your fears, doubts, and insecurities in the face and saying, “I am not afraid.”

You are strong.  You are confident. If you live in the present, you have no use for fear…


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