Mom’s Healing Salve…

164897_595682340450710_1697083587_nNow available FOR SALE in our office: MOM’S HEALING SALVE

A healing balm for a variety of skin conditions!

Try it for:

Cuts, wounds, burns, common skin rashes, diaper rash, acne, sunburn, dry skin, and more!


-Calendula (antioxidant)

-Lavender (prevents infection)

-Yellow Dock (antiseptic/astringent)

-Dandelion Leaf (anti-inflammatory)

-Witch Hazel (anti-inflammatory)

-Comfrey Leaf & Root (healing)

-Yarrow (antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral)


-Extra Virgin Olive Oil (moisturizer)

-Vitamin E Oil (cell regeneration)


1 oz Glass: $3.25

2 oz Tin: $5.99

4 oz Tin: $10.50

3 oz Honeycomb Lotion Bar: $10


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