Why I get adjusted…

ImageDo I get adjusted for backaches, headaches, neck pain/tension, knee pain, or all those other little twinges I feel with day to day life?  Sure.  Keeping the spine in alignment and moving is great for helping the body work efficiently as a mechanical unit.  But does chiropractic care do more than that?? Yes, much more!

The benefits of regular chiropractic care go far beyond the improvement of pain symptoms.  Chiropractic is a great method of preventative health care as well.  A spinal adjustment not only has structural effects on the body. It has the potential of affecting many more systems than you might think.

Do me a favor and think of a house.  Imagine your spine and skeletal structure as the framework of a house.  If the framers put up the walls and they aren’t level, square, and in the proper alignment then surely everything else in that house will be compromised.  The structural, electrical, plumbing, and more will all be affected.  Same goes with our bodies.

Through the bony labyrinth of our spine runs our spinal chord and all of the spinal nerve roots which act as the communication link between the systems of our body and our brain.  The messages being transmitted via these nerves help run every organ, every function, every system, every movement, etc…  Keeping the spine in proper alignment with chiropractic care helps with structural problems to be sure, but it also keeps our entire bodies working at optimum efficiency by preventing and minimizing interference on the nervous system.

So again, do I get adjusted when I have pain symptoms?? Yes!  But I also get adjusted so that my eyes, ears, nose, skin, immune system, digestive tract, head, shoulders, knees, toes, and all the other systems of my body have the ability to function at their peak.  I get adjusted so that I can feel well!

–Dr. Jenna


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  1. Keep spreading the good word! We need everyone to understand and experience the effectiveness of chiropractic care for overall health!

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